keep safe and snake control with metal clamp with long holder
Animal Catcher  is an essential tool for catching small animals.
Snake Handle Tongs have an inword arc, just clamp or pick up the snake from the back of the its neck into a snake container.It is safe and people will not hurt by small animal.It is an essential tool for various factories and public places. Snake Handle Tongs are versatile, can pick up garbage in a narrow area, pick up the body of a mouse and etc.
Our Advantages:

1.Easy to Use
Flexible trigger, Just hold the trigger in your hand and catch the snake at a long distance.

2.Advanced Material
High quality polishing treatment let it fit very well to human's hands with 1.5mm Pipe, make it more comfortable to use.

3.Easy to store
The shape is just a stick and can be stored anywhere. You can also hang it on a hook or on a nail or anywhere you prefer.

4.Smooth handle offers you a comfortable hand feeling, great for camping, hiking, travel and other outdoor activities.

5.Large opening of the clip is designed specially for catching snake, it can catch snake firmly and quickly no matter how long and how big the snake is, not easy to escape.

6.Retractable snake tong, the length can be adjusted according to your needs, easy to use.

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