Haierc Rodent Control Copper Pest Stopper Rat Proof Wire Mesh Rodent Insect Control Copper Wire Mesh
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Copper Mesh, Copper Wire Mesh, Rodent Control
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Haierc Rodent Control Copper Pest Stopper Rat Proof Wire Mesh Rodent Insect Control Copper Wire Mesh
Item No.:HC14004
Use For:Snail, Slug, Rodent
Copper Mesh is a unique exclusion material that prevents pesky rodents from entering your home or office building. 
The Copper Wire Mesh is a copper mesh wool material that is rust-proof & stain-proof. Stuff it into openings around pipes or other holes and cracks in the structure and keep rats, mice, birds and other wildlife out. Because of the way the mesh is woven, it is very difficult for rodents to chew through it.
It can be used in: 
Close all holes in the building to the outside world; 
Building sewer crevices and holes; 
Ground floor access or window openings and air outlets; 
Door crevices, sewer crevices and other crevices; Plugging rat hole;
Our Advantages
1.Easy to Install--Pure 100% Copper Roll, not Copper Alloy, multiple strands of copper wire are woven together and have excellent ductility and plasticity; easily cut, shaped and install.
2.Copper mesh can be used to block holes of any shape and size; Protect your seedlings, vegetables, and fruits.
3.Durable Material:pure copper fabric ensures maximum rust resistance and long life. 
4.Eco Friendly--No chemicals, compared with steel wool, copper mesh never rust and leave stains on the surroundings. 
5.Nonflammable--Better Than Steel Wool, as the wool is easy get fire.Copper Mesh Is Easy Clear, Long Lasting and also can use together with other products.
6.Copper mesh is also ideal for distilling, Copper Mesh is great for clean too.
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