Haierc Safety Work Protective Animal Anti Bite/Scratch Gloves Dog Snake Lizard Bite Proof Gloves
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proof bite gloves, Anti Bite Leather Gloves, Safety Protective Gloves, Anti-scratch Gloves
Detailed information

1. Made of thickened cowhide,durable and strong.
2. Cotton lining, moisture absorption, sweat absorption, soft and comfortable.
3. Quality leather and precision sew so that you can benefit for a premium gloves.
4. Lightweight and breathable.
5. 100% heat protection easy to use.
6. With this animal handling anti-bite/scratch gloves, it can protect your fingertips, hands and arms from painful, infectious bites and scratches.
7. Thumb seam protection layer design to increase and improve the utilization of gloves.
8. Carefully designed to provide the utmost level of safety and increased productivity in the workplace.
Material:Cattle Hide  
Package include: One pair of gloves
Note: 1-2 cm measurement error is a reasonable range, due to the manual measurement methods. Meanwhile, please be reminded that due to lighting effects, monitor's brightness / contrast settings etc, there may be a little difference in the color of the pictures and the actual item.
Our Advantages
1.  Proof bite gloves:high quality pet anti bite gloves provide excellent protection for animal bite and ensure the safety of various activities.   With its unique functional combination, including wear resistance, anti -cutting, prevention and thermal insulation performance, these gloves provide reliable defense for potential harm.
2.  Proof bite gloves in addition to preventing animal bite functions. They are very suitable for various activities, such as gardening, welding, barbecue, outdoor operations, and trimming and tricky plants. Their durable structure and reliable protection make them essential to anyone.
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