Haierc Moth Catch Machine HC4203
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Moth Catch Machine
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There are specific areas of pheromone attractants that can attract flying insects, including bees, wasps, moths, etc. The placement height can be adjusted and suspended according to the movement environment of flying insects. Different attractants are used to lure and kill different types of insects.
Wasp Trap has multi-purpose features. It can be used as a trap for wasp outdoors and as a trap for fruit flies indoors.Wasp Trap simply add some sugar water, then hang the honey bee trap on, or place it on any flat surface. Extremely simple and safe solution to get rid of annoying and dangerous insects. No chemicals and poison, much more safe and eco-friendly.
Catches common nuisance flies including house flies, blow flies, blue and green bottle flies and many others; perfect for yards and camping.
Our Advantage

1.Easy to Install and Use
Simply place a pheromone attractant in the trap, place a lid on the trap.Traps can be suspended at any height, and you can hang it in an orchard or garden.
2.Most Effective
Wasp trap can safely and quickly eliminate the hornet around the house, and the hornet that enters the wasp trap cannot escape. Perfect for garden yard and camping.
Wasp trap does not require any chemicals or poisons and is a non-toxic, environmentally friendly solution that can last for several seasons. Safer and more environmentally friendly.
4.Quality Materials
Made of high quality PET and PP durable waterproof materials, it can withstand extreme weather conditions such as snow, rain, fog and wind.
5.Durable and Reusable
Wasp trap is made of durable plastic, which has the effect of preventing rust and heat. It is not easy to rust and fall. It is easy to clean and reuse. 
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