Haierc fly sticky traps fly catcher insect glue trap board HC4104
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Detailed information
1.From the seal slowly open flypaper, placed in where flies stay. 
2.Necessary the goods can be hang, mosquitoes can be glue at night under the lights.
1.Not for human consumption.
2.Store in a cool,dry place.
3.Keep out Of reach of children,animals and uninformed persons.
5.In case of skin contact, wash with warm water and soap.
Our Advantages
1. Safe and convenient
Will not affect the health of babies or pets, and is easy to use. Just open it and place it in a place where flies are prone to appear.
2. Strong stickiness
The amount of glue on the surface is twice that of other ordinary fly traps, and once the flies are stuck, they cannot escape.
3. Upgrade thick cardboard
Reject low-quality materials, use high-quality thick cardboard, and paper scraps will not fall off.
4. Wide range of uses
Can be used in restaurants, kitchens, hotels, food processing plants, food warehouses.
5.Environmental protection
It is not subject to weather change, non-toxic, harmless , non-polluting.
6.Can be customized to sample, according to the requirements of customers design model.
7.Use it, ensure you have no flies problems any more, enjoy your life!
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