Haierc insect trap product moth trap(boat type)HC4251
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Moth Glue Trap,Pest Control, Moth Trap
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Every family will encounter the problem of moth destruction, and they are difficult to find, but they can cause big problems in closets, cabinets, curtains, upholstery and carpets!
Haierc's boat type moth trap uses specific pheromones to trap moths and uses high-strength viscous traps to trap them so that they cannot escape. They are very easy to use, and 100% safe and non-toxic, safe for any family.
Boat type moth trap is very effective against moths and insects. The unique design allows you to place the trap somewhere and wait for the insects to enter.
Our Advantages

1.100% Safe and Non-toxic
Boat type moth trap is natural, non-toxic, friendly to you and your house, and has no peculiar smell! We use non-toxic and pesticide-free strong glue to trap insects in the trap to achieve reliable and chaotic-free control. 
An effective and safe solution to prevent the infestation of moths. Protect your clothes, shoes, linen, carpet, fur and wool with effective, non-toxic and safe insect traps.
3.Super Sticky
Catch both pantry moth and clothes moth effectively with this stickiest moth trap. Glue paper insect killer, unlike the other glue traps which allow pests to escape. 
4.Our moth traps are non-toxic, insecticide free and odorless; it's both safe for kid and pet.
5.Unique Design
Beautiful appearance, can not only trap moths, but also can be placed somewhere as decorations.
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